Somewhere New, for 1 Month

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I’ll just dive right in now and give some background later.  24 hours ago, I was somewhere else.  I think it was Seattle.  And now I’m sitting in a café in Whidbey, drinking coffee, doing some work, and planning for a grocery store outing later.  Starting this new life here, month number one. Seems like much farther away than Seattle.  And I guess in many ways, it is.  Here I am…starting my adventure of “living on the road”.  Which turns out is not actually “the road” per se, but various Airbnb houses of interest all over the country (and hopefully world).

And month #1 is Whidbey Island.  In the little town of Langley.  Population just over 1,000. There’ll be more to say about this place specifically, as I experience more.  But until then…

It’s interesting….as I have prepared for this adventure and gone through the steps to get here, and now that I’m here…there are so many topics/general themes that I want to think and write about.  Ones that will take some time and more experiences with this.  But one of those themes I’m experiencing now.  The thrill of getting to a new place, somewhere I’ve never been and know nothing about and….tackling it.  Exploring it.  Analyzing it.  And, the most important part, adapting to it.  Figuring out how I (and all of my STUFF) can fit into it and settle in.  How to get around.  How to feel at home.  This is always one of the parts I’ve loved most about visiting new places.  And the thrill of what I’m doing now is that each month, I get to not only VISIT a new place, I get to LIVE in it.  Fully adapt.  Act as if I were a permanent resident.  And figure out how to do that as quickly as possible.

This means opening up the door to my new home, dragging all my BAGGAGE inside and figuring out where everything will fit.  Thinking about how I live my daily life and how this can be achieved most smoothly in this new place.  Assessing just how I can most easily live here, there, anywhere.

This means wandering around my new home, opening up cupboards and drawers and delighting in all of the goodies I’ve found here, courtesy of the lovely Teresa, host of this home.  The big fruit basket.  The bathroom soaps and lotions.  The mini scrabble key ring.  (yes, a tiny, magnetic scrabble game attached to a key ring.  Beauty.)  Finding more handy household items than I have ever had in my own home.  An awesome veggie/fruit peeler.  TWO strainers.  A coffee maker.  FULL sets of pots and pans. Heaven.

This means identifying how I can get the necessities of my every day life fulfilled here in another town.  This means coming up with unique ways to do my every day gym visit, my twice weekly yoga classes, my once a week grocery store runs.

This means having interactions with people and knowing that there is potential for more lasting connections.  This means talking with people, learning about their lives, and being open to new opportunities that may come about just from having known them.

This means experimenting, on a monthly basis, with a new identity.  This means trying out a new role every month, depending on where I am and what the circumstances are.

This means learning about towns and people in new ways.  Non tourist ways.  Life-as-a-resident ways.

And I get to do this again and again, every month…

And maybe now I’ll talk about Whidbey.  This house.  What it was like to drive here, arrive here, settle in here.  As I sit here now, with the rays from the sky light shining on the keys and the greenery all around through the windows surrounding the space, it is as it should be.  Idyllic.  Peaceful.  Slow.  Calm.  Nourishing.

After the ferry…the drive in, on windy roads sheltered by light leaved trees.  The surprise followed by humor followed by delight that I experienced in response to the man walking down the street waving at me, the driver.  The local.  The resident.  The notion that I was being signaled to slow down lasting only a few seconds.  Soon after that, I realized that I was no longer in the big city.  I had arrived in a place where people wave.  And I could calm down.  And maybe even wave back (I didn’t).

The delight at knowing that this landscape was now within my view.  The fields.  The barns.  The vineyards.  The thousand shades of green.  This would be my vision, for now.

So, driving up to the beautiful house…just as it was pictured on the site.  Sweet patio to greet me.  Beautiful wood beamed ceiling.  Peaceful windows all around, surrounded by leaves, branches and flowers of so many colors.  And the quiet.  The sanity.  The sounds of nature.  The “country”.  Here I am, somewhere new.  Fitting in.  Living.  For 1 month.

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2 Responses to Somewhere New, for 1 Month

  1. Mara says:

    Tamara, I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see more of this!


  2. So good for you. I’m so delighted for you. It’s so inspiring to know people living their dreams. Thank you.


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