Everyday, a New Café

To fund my life here on the road and to keep me stimulated and happy, I am working quite a lot every day.  It’s a bit of an obsession because I enjoy it so much (more on that later), but it’s become super important to give appropriate attention to balance.  I need rules to help myself balance all of the things I want to do every day, even here on the road.  Exercise, work, exploring new places, meeting new people, writing, communicating with friends, sleeping….   And then I suppose I should be relaxing somewhere in there too.  Yes, some things never change.

Anyway, my rules:

Rule #1: After waking up, exercising, drinking coffee, and working for a few hours, TAKE A SHOWER!!! And at around noon, resume working at a café in a new area/town.

Rule #2: Stop working by 3:00 and explore the area that the café has brought me to (making sure that a walk is included in there somewhere).

Rule #3: At nighttime, continue exploring and/or writing (i.e., do NOT start working again!).

Rule #4: Forgive myself when I don’t always follow Rules #1-3.

(I feel like some mention of Fight Club should be in there somewhere)

Anyway, for now, I wanted to share some of the lovely cafes (aka offices) I have visited:

In the sweet little down of Coupeville, the very lovely Knead and Feed:


…where I somehow miraculously resisted the sweetly seductive cinnamon rolls (I may still get back there to reverse that decision)


In the sprawling, strip malled ghost town that is Oak Harbor:



(which one of these cafes does not fit in?)

On the beautiful grounds of Greenbank Farm:


Complete with a view of this from my seat:


The quirky, cute Mukilteo Coffee Roasters…tucked away in the forest and filled with scrumptiousness:


And, of course, Useless Bay Coffee Company in the heart of downtown Langley – always a delight, especially on sunny days (just a little hard to read my computer screen…)


I feel grateful that the island houses so many sweet little (WiFi equipped!) cafes.  Should be interesting (in quotes) to notice the changes in my office opportunities as I move around the country…


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