Little Heartwarmers


There’s a lot of heartwarming sweetness in the world, when you go looking for it. When you notice it. When you allow it take more of your attention than all of those things that are, well, not so sweet. I think that because my adventure has me in a frequent state of observing, I’m noticing those little sweetnesses a lot more. I’m going to try to share one per week!

Here’s the first:

As I’ve been doing frequently on this adventure, I was working out at this little gym – basically just one room with some equipment and no staff. Pretty much every morning that I’d been there, I’d found myself working out next to the same couple. We had never talked, but I’m sure we all thought of ourselves as the “morning crew.” Anyway, one morning I’m buzzing along on the recumbent bike, when the man comes up to me, requires that I take the ear buds out of my ears (grrrr), and asks “Would you do me a favor and humor an old man?”


He then hands over the little alarm doohickey thingey provided by the gym – a safety gadget that would allow me to call for help if I needed it. I quickly realize what he’s doing…he and his wife are leaving, so I’ll be the only one left in the gym. And so he’s giving me the alarm just in case I run into any trouble…as a “favor” to him. He hands over the alarm, appears contented, and walks out the door.

My heart is warmed.  🙂

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