Funding This Life on the Road

I talk a lot about where I’m going and what I’m seeing every day. But what I haven’t really gotten around to describing too much is how I fund this big adventure. I started to talk about it a bit in my TaskRabbit post (below), but that only skimmed the surface.

In general, I’ve found it a bit hard to explain my work situation – partly because it’s all over the map (as I like it)…which makes it hard to explain completely and coherently. And partly because it’s so precious to me…which makes me not want to explain it at all if it’s not easily told completely and coherently.

But I think it’s important, so I want to try.

As I described in my blog post, I had gotten to a very dissatisfying place in my “traditional” work life. And I desired to dabble in various other types of work – ones that I had never allowed myself (or had the opportunity) to try out before. A great example of this is in the field of editing. I’ve always wanted to be an editor and have done quite a bit of editing in my various jobs, but had never had a professional editing background, so would certainly not have been able to effectively apply for, and obtain, an editing job if I’d tried. But then I found the old TaskRabbit and was able to take on all sorts of wonderful, short-term tasks that I wanted to try out. Including editing. And now I could fill an entire resume with the editing work that I’ve done.

I want to share the stories of these experiences. I want to talk about interesting tasks that I picked up while still living in Seattle. Especially in the first few months, one of the selection criteria I had for taking on new tasks was that they be somehow unique, novel, strange, or outlandish. Basically ones that had me doing things I’d never done before and would likely make for a funny story someday. And always, always, something from which I would learn and laugh…somehow.

I also want to share some of my more current work experiences. I want to share the stories of how many of these early tasks evolved into meaningful, long term relationships with dynamic and mission-driven individuals and organizations. It is through these relationships that I now receive a great amount of satisfaction and stimulation on a daily basis…and how I am able to financially sustain this life on the road.

I want to share all of this for many reasons.

I want to talk about what can happen when life gets “off course.”

I want to talk about what can happen when you’re the one who’s consciously thrown it there.

I want to explore the concept of a creative life, of ways to reconsider the traditional structures and paths associated with education, work, skills, and knowledge.

I want to share a story of how creating a non-traditional work life can offer the freedom of doing fulfilling work, without limitations.

And I don’t want you to keep telling me that you are “living vicariously” through my experiences. I want you to live your own.

Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Funding This Life on the Road

  1. My grandparents did a good job instilling a love of travel and exploration in my sister and me. And I’ve only just begun to explore independently and with friends just a couple years ago. So I won’t be living vicariously through you so much as smiling and building up that inspiration from your posts.

    Cheers, and I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  2. thanks, BBK. just checking out your blog now and am really enjoying it! very funny stuff! i think the smiles and inspiration building will be mutual! thanks for connecting! 🙂


  3. Dana M. says:

    I love this post. Great lead in to what’s to come. I am so happy for you that you are doing this, truly. A memoir in the making!

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