Tamara’s Task #1: Slurpee Surprise

 slurpee picThe Task: Deliver 17 Slurpees between 12:45 and 1:00 (same day) to a company in South Lake Union. The Slurpees were intended as a special surprise for a work meeting at 1:00. (Free Slurpee for me too!)

So, at first I thought…no way.  I had so much going on that day…including my own work meeting at 1:00.  But I was drawn in by the uniqueness of the task as well as the obviously delightful intent of the client.  It sounded fun and worthwhile…and I realized that I could manage to fit it all in with just a little rearranging of my day.  So I moved my 1:00 work meeting to the following day, rescheduled some other tasks that could be put off, and tried to figure out how much time it would take to complete the Slurpee pours and get to South Lake Union in the allotted 15 minute time slot.  Ok, good.

So here’s how it went:

I decide to leave at 11:30 and drive to the Capitol Hill 7-Eleven (which I had to look up).

I get to the 7-Eleven at around 11:35.

Sit in the car and eat lunch until 11:45 because I don’t want to be too early.

The plan was all laid out – wait in the car until there were very few people in the store, then go in.

People gone, I go in.

On track so far.

I tell the guy I need to buy 18 Slurpees (one for me!) and that I’ll pay for them first, before I pour them.

He tells me that it’s free Slurpee day…Small Slurpees for free!

Nope, I need Mediums.

He rings ’em up, I pay.  He’s very nice.

All is going well.

So I get to the Slurpee station, plan it all out, and set to work to get it done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Rushing, rushing.

Adrenaline flying.

Ok, the holder only carries 4 cups.  Have to figure out how many holders I need.  Ok, wait…I can do this.  I’ll need 18 Slurpees total.  4 x 4 = 16.  Ok, 4 containers and the extra 2 will go in my car’s cup holders.

I’ve got this.

Now, a production line.  Get 2 cups out, pour 1 at a time, put tops on, put in holder.

Learning takes place after the first holder is filled.  This time, I take the holder out, fill up all 4 cups, putting each in the holder after they’re all full, and then put all 4 tops on.  Put the container to the side and start again.

Ok, she wanted 5 cherry and the rest “mainstream” flavors (like, no electric blue). So I do a bunch of Coca-Colas (everyone loves those), some Piña Coladas, and some Hawaiian Punches.  Sugar free mango for me.  (Yum!)

I take a few trips to get the containers nicely into the car.  I’m so excited. This is SOOOO fun, and they’re going to be so happy with them!

Start driving…have the AC on full blast.

Realize I am WAYYYYYY early (as always, but in this instance, I have melting Slurpees).  I’m already at the location at 12:05!!  They don’t want to serve until 1:00!  I email her to ask if getting there at 12:30 is ok.  (Even though I remember that she specifically said in her task description that timing of delivery is super important.)  Fuck, I’m already fucking this all up.  This is HARD and only for $16!  What the fuck am I doing??!

Ok, so she emails back: “I really need it to be closer to 1:00 so they don’t melt…kind of the point of a Slurpee.”

Ouch, ok. I have no choice. I have to go home. I have to get these Slurpees into my freezer, ASAP. I don’t even know if they’ll fit, and my place is 3 flights up from the garage.

No matter, I’ve gotta do it.

Rush home, AC full blasting.

Park in the garage.  Try to hold the garage door open with several things that I have in my car….it won’t work, too heavy.  Finally just say fuck it and grab 1 container.  Open doors, haul upstairs.  Get it in the freezer.  Go downstairs, repeat the process for the others. One by one, plus an extra trip for the 2 cups.

15 flights up, 15 flights down.

They’re all fucked up in consistency.  But they all fit in the freezer.

I’m so upset.  I fucked this all up. I’m ruining her “party.”  I’m tempted to go back and buy a whole new batch.  I resist.  I can’t end up LOSING money on this.

I wait for 10 minutes and then I begin the process of bringing them all downstairs.  Brilliant idea of putting one of the holders in a shopping bag.  When I go to put those in my car, I realize that 1 cup has dumped over and lost half of its contents…onto the floor of my car.

Get all the rest of holders in my car.

Piña Coladas are now only half full for some reason?

I drive like a maniac down to the place.  Circle several times because now there’s nowhere to park.

(South Lake Union – aka, Amazonville – is so fucking annoying with all these self righteous, I’m so smart, don’t you wish you were ME people lollygagging in the crosswalks when I have important business to attend to. Out of my fucking way!)

I finally just double park, call the client, she takes like 5 minutes to get downstairs to meet me.

I apologize and warn by saying “Ummm…Slurpees don’t travel well…I’m so sorry!”

Regardless, she seems happy…not irritated that the Slurpees have settled so much.  Though to me they seem like an overly frozen, somewhat mushy mess, half filled because of the shopping bag slip up and the Piñas’ enigmatic evaporations.

She gives me a $5 tip and goes on her Slurpee way.

I drive home, feeling deflated.

But pondering the following realizations:

  1. These jobs are hard!  So many details to get just right…
  2. I can see how from the other end, we might get perturbed when our delivered food is not hot enough, etc., but the circumstances have to be just perfect for that to happen right. I see, I see. Let’s never forget that.
  3. Being part of a company or group, you learn from what they already know (e.g., if I was working with others, they would’ve told me that I needed to time it just right because Slurpees “don’t travel well”)…
  4. But with enough of these experiences, I’m going to learn everything!!  Now I know for next time!  🙂
  5. I was so fixated on getting the Slurpees delivered to the meeting before they were a total dribbling mess that I was not pleasant at all with the client…not at all!  I will be better at that next time.
  • Pay: $16 (flat rate)
  • Tip: $5
  • Approximate Time: 1.5 hours
  • Review: “Tamara showed up exactly on time and was great to work with. Thank you!”
  • Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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