Little Heartwarmer #2

One afternoon, around 2pm.  On a corner in “downtown” Hailey, Idaho.  I’m sitting at a café table, just working….and staring off into space.  There are a few others around me, apparently doing the same thing.  Beautiful day – warm sunshine streaming down our backs and just a slight breeze to make it all feel just right.

The calm is interrupted by this scene coming down the sidewalk: a dark haired, jeans and flanneled shirt wearing middle aged man pushing a somewhat hunched over, grey haired older man in a wheelchair.  Perhaps a father-son relationship?  They have an energy between them that seems to suggest this.  The younger man is pushing the wheelchair down the sidewalk and toward a blue van parked right in front of the café tables.  They’re talking with a calm presence between them.  But nothing can be heard clearly by the café onlookers until this:

Son: Well, I have good news and bad news.

Father: Ok.

Son: Good news is that I got yer pills…

Father: Ok.

Son: Bad news is…they taste like pepperoni!!

We all exchange smiles.

And my heart is warmed  🙂

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