The Freedom to Freelance

Moving on to try to explain how I fund this life on the road… to try to describe the variety of things that I now call “work”… the range of projects that keep me busy and entertained at all hours.

As way of introduction for those who don’t know, I had a corporate job for the last 4 years and a variety of other research/management type jobs before that, following what seemed like a lifetime in school to collect a handful of degrees. I was on “the path”…stressed, unhappy, unfulfilled.

I guess my hope in sharing the info about what I’m doing now is to describe in greater detail what can happen when you jump off a path of unsatisfactory certainty and onto one that’s unknown. And for me, in particular, this meant letting go of the “should’s” that have followed me throughout my life – the “should’s” that limited me to only focusing on roles that were “aligned with my education” and that were making me more miserable by the minute.

By living according to the “should’s”, I was missing out on trying so many other things that I’d always wanted to. I’m sure that some of these things will seem horrifyingly terrible to many… As I may have already explained somewhere else, my dream jobs have always included things like:

  • Personal Assistant (I want to run errands all day)
  • Mover/Organizer (I love the entire process of moving – packing, moving day, unpacking, etc. You will probably stop reading this now.)
  • Editor (give me a menu with misspelled words and misaligned prices, and I am a happy girl!)
  • Software Developer (logic logic logic)
  • Dancer (oh wait, how’d that one get in there??)

Ok, most likely not your dream jobs, I realize this. So please bear with me. There is (I hope) a bigger point here. For now, here’s a snapshot of all projects I’m working on just this week (along with the initial connection that led to the current work for each):

Client: Change Management Consultant/Trainer
Current Work: Compiling/editing a bunch of the client’s marketing/proposal documents into one large library of resources. Editing various proposals and other documents that she needs help with.
Initial Connection: I was going to help her update her resume, but it turned out to be a larger project than she had budget for at the time.

Client: Social Entrepreneurship Consulting Company
Current Work: Developing PPT document for finalist presentation (I was a primary author for a proposal to help facilitate stewardship of a well known U.S. mountain region – we were picked as 1 of 3 finalists for the project); Reviewing and possibly writing proposal in response to RFP for the National Forest Foundation (with a ridiculous turnaround time! TBD).
Initial Connection: I updated the LinkedIn profile of one of the company’s Principals.

Client: Tech Product Management Consultant and Start-Up Exec
Current Work: Helping to compile/edit client’s posts about product management into a book.
Initial Connection: I helped update client’s newsletter mailing list.

Client: Prenatal Chiropractor
Current Work: Editing the client’s website, getting two Kickstarters set up for client’s documentary and podcasts, submitting the documentary to film festivals, finding new rental space for client’s satellite treatment space.
Initial Connection: I was the “Production Assistant” for a video shoot for a documentary the client was producing.

Client: Website for Teen Girls
Current Work: Reviewing pieces written by teen girls and providing feedback and coaching to improve flow, content, messaging, and style.
Initial Connection: I helped review, select, and set up interviews with applicants for several key positions at the company.

Client: VP of Client Services at Interactive Design/Web Development Company
Current Work: Listening to sales pitches on a daily basis and providing feedback on delivery and messaging.
Initial Connection: I updated the client’s resume.

By the way, all of the initial connections for these projects were made through the OLD TaskRabbit site…where people would post tasks and “Rabbits” would bid on them. The site has changed significantly, and I’m no longer using that platform. And now, even though I worry every day that it’s all going to go poof! and vanish, I somehow still always have an overly full work load.  So far, so great.  Dream jobs come true!  🙂

dream job

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9 Responses to The Freedom to Freelance

  1. Hi…just curious…how long have you been freelancing?


  2. full time, for about 7 months now… and thanks for the like and the question! are you a freelancer?


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  5. ustabe says:


    I’ve only come across this post today, after you added the link to it on your “recap” page. I didn’t realize this was your background. Makes it all the more impressive that you were able to make the switch to how you’ve spent your last year.

    I was freelancing for the past year, mostly do Excel-based programming … everything from a cild support calculator for a Kansas attorney, to an interactive business plan / financial model for a property management company to a gross margin calculator for a web hosting reseller, allowing him to better match up his costs with the packages he was selling. I had to give it all up because I simply froze up. I wish I could be able to do that. Maybe after I decompress a bit. But it’s hard to get back into those things when you’ve been away for a while (and I used eLance and LInkedin to get my business as well, but I removed both profiles a couple of months ago).

    Anyhow, very cool.


    • oh, very cool that you did that sort of work as well! believe me, you can get back to it (when you’re ready)….no problem. at least with the platforms i’ve used – if you already have a good profile on there, that doesn’t go away. could you think about just doing 1 small-ish type task at a time, so sort of at least have that stimulation without it being overwhelming?


  6. ustabe says:

    I took everything down, including the profile. I’ve got some decent references if I ever decide to do something again on a wide scale. I have a feeling that if I do anything in the future, it’s going to be very low key. Although I have one idea I’ve been scoping out – I just don’t know if I have it in me to bring it to fruition.

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