Hailey Heartwarmer (#4)

I was fortunate that my 1-month home in Hailey, Idaho was just a few blocks from the Draper Wood River Preserve.  In my short time there, I’d gotten into the habit of walking down to the Preserve around mid-day to break from busy-ness and to soak in serenity.

IMG_7909 (2)

During one of my trips there, I got to meet this special tree.  I knew right away that this tree communicated a special sense of strength, peace, and comfort.  But it took me awhile to realize just why.  After noticing it once and feeling its warmth…but then moving on to walk around the Preserve, I came back along the tree’s path on my way toward home.  And there, I felt it again.

IMG_7972 (2)

So I stopped to actually look more closely…and noticed that around the base of the tree and along its trunk have been placed rocks in the shape of hearts.

IMG_7973 (2)


IMG_7991 (2)

…and dozens of beautiful rocks

IMG_7996 (2)

…each uniquely shaped in the form of love.

IMG_7993 (2)

Each of these rocks was found and placed here with purpose.

IMG_7978 (2)

After searching and selecting the perfect heart shaped rocks of my own (not as easy to find as you might think!), I added them to the tree and wished them well.

IMG_7982 (2)

The heart tree of Hailey holds love and compassion from so many kind souls who had walked the path before me.

IMG_7974 (2)

Each of which combined to warm my heart.  🙂

IMG_8001 (2)

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