Little Heartwarmer #5

Today’s Heartwarmer is from Astoria, Oregon. At the end of my quick stay there…heading out, on my way to Portland. Needed to get gas, so I find a gas station on the edge of town.

As I drive up, a sort of rough looking older-ish man with a big round belly, dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt comes over to my car.

I, once again, am startled and need to remind myself that I’m in Oregon. I resist the inclination to open my car door, with credit card in hand. I’m in Oregon now. A gas station in Oregon. That means full service.

I quickly catch on, start laughing, and roll down my window: “Happens every time. I always get so confused in Oregon – I always forget!”

Attendant, with a sweet smile: “No, no…you just sit back and relax. That’s what I’m here for!”

“Thanks. Fill ‘er up, please!” And I give him my credit card.

With that, our interaction is on pause while he starts filling the tank. And begins conversation with a co-worker – a not so dissimilar looking guy in overalls. Tough guys. Talking shop.

Co-worker: “How was your break, bro?”

My attendant: “Oh! It was good, I had some yogurt, some strawberries, and a banana.”

Co-worker: “Man, sounds like you’re eating pretty healthy. That’s cool. What’s up with that?”

My attendant: “Well, yeah…My girl, she’s been packing my lunch. Good stuff.”

Co-worker: “Awesome! I get the lunch too…love it.”

They then spend a good 2 minutes or so remarking on their appreciations:

“It’s awesome.”
“So perfect.”
“Hell yeah.”

Pause. The two men stand and stare sideways. With contentment on their faces and satiation in their bellies.

Breaking the sweet reveries…my attendant: “Oh yeah. She also makes me breakfast in the morning, too, when I’m getting ready.”

Co-worker: “Shit! I get the lunch, but not the breakfast. You’re fucking lucky.”

My attendant: “Not luck, my friend. Not luck at all. I know what to do. And I do it. That’s the key, dude. Just do what’s important.”

Co-worker: “Ah….”

My attendant: “And never…. Never EVER forget her birthday!”

Sweet appreciation and solid advice from Astoria, Oregon.

And my heart is warmed. 🙂


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3 Responses to Little Heartwarmer #5

  1. Ain't No Shrinking Violet says:

    There are places in the US were someone fills your gas tank? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Once, many years ago when I was in California, someone grabbed my groceries (it was an employee taking them to my car)…I started chasing him down and yelling that he was stealing my food! Where I’m from (MN) no one’s even heard of full service.


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