My Work (continued)

A few weeks back, I gave a summary of what types of projects I was working on at the time.  Sort of my first description of what I do as a new freelancer, funding my life of travel on the road.  As usual, I had the expectation that I would provide work/project updates on a weekly basis.  Not.  But I’ll do it as often as I can, primarily for my own documentation purposes.  Maybe you’ll also find some of it entertaining.  At least you’ll know what I’m doing with my time when I’m not riding on ferries and discovering windy beaches.  And why I’m likely days overdue in responding to your email (sorry!).

Anyway, here are some new projects that I’ve been working on since my last update:

  • Client: Marketing Strategy Consulting Group
  • Current Work: Researched various attributes related to green/sustainability issues within specific large companies; researched costs involved in developing pop-up stores within major U.S. malls.  Summarized results for client-facing deliverable.
  • Initial Connection: Worked with the CEO’s husband on cleaning his newsletter mailing lists and editing his book.
  • Client: Author
  • Current Work: Proofreading a book of fairytales.
  • Initial Connection: NEW CLIENT through a site sort of like TaskRabbit…  Hooray!
  • Client: Social Entrepreneurship Consulting Company
  • Current Work: Wrote cover letter and put together pseudo-proposal in response to RFP for the National Forest Foundation.
  • Initial Connection: I updated the LinkedIn profile of one of the company’s Principals.
  • Client: Lawyer
  • Current Work: Writing and editing website content for law firm. 
  • Initial Connection: I researched and put together a vacation itinerary for a trip to California this summer.
  • Client: Prenatal Chiropractor
  • Current Work: Posted job description and hired person to do motion graphics/animation for a Kickstarter video; Helped with selecting/hiring film guy to shoot a documentary; writing the script/conceptualizing images and layout for Kickstarter video.
  • Initial Connection: I was the “Production Assistant” for a video shoot for a documentary the client was producing.
  • Client: Change Management Consultant/Trainer
  • Current Work: Edited proposal for a new online education program for a University.
  • Initial Connection: I was going to help her update her resume, but it turned out to be a larger project than she had budget for at the time. 
  • Client: Individual Client
  • Current Work: (Client owns a farm in Kansas that he rents out to someone) Researched a State of Kansas “water for cows” program and negotiated contract terms between all individuals who will receive funds from the program.
  • Initial Connection: I outlined key steps involved in successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign based on a well-known blog post.
  • Client: Therapy Clinic
  • Current Work: Programmed and developed scoring for online surveys.
  • Initial Connection: Connected via my own network.
  • Client: Individual Client
  • Current Work: Edited cover letters for internships.
  • Initial Connection: Edited resumes.
  • Client: Individual Client
  • Current Work: Edited resume.
  • Initial Connection: Edited her husband’s resume.
  • Client: Individual Client (actor)
  • Current Work: Compiled list of highlighted names from book into an Excel document.
  • Initial Connection: Same task, different book.

Happy, happy, happy…but exhausted!

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