Tamara’s Task #2: Today is a Day

(a rhyming story about 3 dogs)

Meet Bruno, Chloe, and Bubbles!!  Ok, so I’ve not been so great at sharing more in-depth descriptions of some of the more “unique” tasks I’ve taken on over the last year.  Well, here’s one…and the product will have to mostly speak for itself.  As I’ve mentioned before in a few posts, I get a strange joy from creating sappy little rhyming stories/games.  For this task, a woman hired me to create a book based on her mother’s three little dogs (to give as a present for her mother’s bday).  She told me some interesting tidbits about the dogs, sent me some photos, and set me free to create the masterpiece that you see here  😉  And I had an absolute blast doing it…  Enjoy!

  • Pay:$120 …I bid pretty low because I just really wanted to do it  🙂
  • Approximate Time:Many hours!
  • Feedback:“So I gave the book to Shelly this evening… and she LOVED it!!  She was laughing out loud at every other page and was just in awe at how well you captured them.  She truly had so many compliments.  She can’t wait to show her mom, and everyone at her party, but they have to wear gloves :p She joked about having story time at the party and then the kids can visit the petting zoo, hehe.  Just wanted to pass along her thanks and compliments.”
  • Star Rating:5 out of 5 stars

(sorry, hard to read…you need to click on each pic – in order – to read the story….)




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