My New Friend Lou

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This is my new friend Lou. He stopped by to introduce himself the other afternoon and stayed around awhile to do some sniffing and to get some petting. I had a great time with Lou! He was so sweet and, well, interactive and responsive. What a nice change after the passivity of Stanley! He sniffed all around my little cabin, and then we went outside to run around and play catch.

I was worried that poor Lou was lost, so I contacted the owner whose number was listed on Lou’s tag. Apparently it’s pretty standard for Lou to run around to the neighborhood homes and to take frequent dips in the water. (my host just told me that Lou is often found swimming out in the middle of the Sechelt Inlet, where he crosses paths with neighborhood boats that give him a ride home…) What a wonderful way for a dog (especially one who has as much energy as our dear Lou) to live his life…. But the running around on the streets still makes me a little nervous for him. Though it is a super remote area out here, there are cars that pass through, and Lou doesn’t even think to look both ways before he sprints across the road!!

Oh well, I don’t feel comfortable about this, but I’m not his owner, so I guess I don’t have much say in the matter. The owner and I did end up texting a bit. Apparently I will be likely to see Lou again during my stay – hooray!

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention, in my attempt to return Lou to his home (before I heard back from the owner, I had decided to walk him home myself)…I realized that I would be required to have some sort of control over this loveable maniac. And I assumed that trying to hold him by his collar would result in some chomping of my hands (all in good fun, of course). Now, I don’t exactly carry a dog leash around with me. So…. I improvised! I took him home with me, tied my long, fluffy pink scarf around his collar, and voila….a dog leash! (aka, yet another play toy for Lou). So there I am, walking Lou down the road with my flashlight and fluffy pink dog leash. He was very obedient…and we had a blast!

But then I got the text from the owner, saying no worries…Lou knows what he’s doing, and I could set him free!

So, I set him free… and after running home with me for some more sniffing and petting, he ventured on to his home (where, I was told, he arrived safe and sound!).

See you again soon, Lou!

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