My Work – An Update

Ok, it’s time for another summary of projects that I’ve been working on since my last update (over a month ago!  Jeesh!!).  As a general rule, I’m only including NEW projects that I haven’t yet written about.  So, these are in addition to the ongoing projects I already have, many of which involve random research work, project management, virtual personal assistant tasks, and lots and lots of writing and editing for regular clients.  Strangely, I have several clients that have each, at some point in our work together, referred to me as their “coach,” (aack!) which I would never ever in 100 billion million years identify myself as, but there you go.  I just like that they appreciate my pestering and total fixation on TIME/deadlines.  Nice to know that comes in handy somehow!  😉

(By the way, I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of pestering + happy faces that works!  Pestering alone would get me nowhere!)

Ummm….where were we?  Oh yeah!  My new projects….

  • Client: Nonprofit Art Gallery devoted to new and emerging photographers
  • Current Work: Ongoing gig to search for, identify/select, and write/submit grants for upcoming photography exhibits
  • Initial Connection: Worked with one of the nonprofit’s board members doing research for her Marketing Strategy Consulting Group (connected with her via her husband, who I worked for through the old TaskRabbit, cleaning his newsletter mailing lists and editing his book)
  • Client: Videogame Company
  • Current Work: Project managing/virtual assisting a group of developers and doing QA (yay!) to ensure the successful launch of an iOS and Android app (using systems like Slack, Trello, and GitHub)
  • Initial Connection: Originally worked with the CEO of the company by outlining key steps involved in successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign based on a well-known blog post (since then, I’ve worked on a great variety of random projects for him)
  • Client: Nonprofit Consulting Group
  • Current Work: Writing and editing a report on a new assessment process developed by the nonprofit’s director
  • Initial Connection: Collaborated with the nonprofit’s director on work I was doing for a Social Entrepreneurship Consulting Group (which came about through connection with one of the group’s Principals…whose LinkedIn profile I updated around last year at this time)
  • Client: Career Development Website
  • Current Work: Writing website content about different types of careers (e.g., what education is needed, what job opportunities are available, etc)
  • Initial Connection: This is my initial connection – got the gig through (a platform sort of like the old TaskRabbit)
  • Client: Financial Investment Company
  • Current Work: Comparing quarterly reports to note changes in investment portfolios
  • Initial Connection: Initially connected through the old TaskRabbit to do this same task (it’s something I do every quarter or so)
  • Client: Management Consulting/Technology Transfer Company
  • Current Work: Researching new technologies and innovations for the company’s specific client needs
  • Initial Connection: Initially connected through the old TaskRabbit to do this same task (it’s work I do regularly)
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2 Responses to My Work – An Update

  1. contoveros says:

    You’re a real go-getter . . .

    I get to where I am going by writing a lot. Still, I wouldn’t mind traveling
    a little more before the sun finally sets.

    Michael J
    Conshohocken, PA USA


  2. Thanks for your comment, Michael! I hope you get to travel more in 2015 🙂


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