C, T, and PM…It’s a Canadian Thing

ducks together 1          over bucket

Please meet three more of my current neighbors – C, T, and PM. They are Magpie ducks, and were named by my hosts’ 3-year-old twin boys. Corey named one, and Theo named the other. Together they named PM, which stands for Papa and Mama. Over the years, however, PM has come to be known as Stephen Harper (Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister). My hosts’ friends get a kick out of this because the boys say funny things like “Stephen Harper is being mean!” and “Stephen Harper likes to eat poo!”

It’s a Canadian thing.

All day, every day…C, T, and PM walk around in a little huddle together and do a fair amount of quacking. This is not the last you’ll be seeing of them, I promise you that!

ducks together

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1 Response to C, T, and PM…It’s a Canadian Thing

  1. Sophie33 says:

    hahahahahahahahha! How cute!

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