Toopsy and Binoo!

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Please meet Toopsy and Binoo. They are two more of my current neighbors, and they are Angora rabbits. They were given (as gifts??) to my hosts, who quickly realized that Angora rabbits are not the most sociable beings on the planet. They pretty much sit like little lumps all day (mostly side by side in their little house), wiggling their sweet, little noses and looking as cute as can be.

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Why the cage? Well, according to my hosts, without that cage, the rabbits would run away…and begin some heavy duty mating and serious multiplication here on the island (they are, afterall, rabbits). And that would cause some big problems (right, Whidbey Islanders??). So here they are, living the simple life in their little house and cage and trying their very best to ignore those extremely extroverted Magpie ducks!!

3they were overjoyed by my visit!!

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1 Response to Toopsy and Binoo!

  1. Tom Trimbath says:

    Ah, the lop-eared escapees from the Island County Fair held here on Whidbey. We have some of the cutest infestations. Anybody want some? Please?

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