Volunteering for St Patty!

Found a couple of interesting events this weekend to help out with…

IMG_4999 (2)       3

1) Friday night I hit the Port Angeles Community Playhouse for a night of “Stories of Mystery, Magic, and Blarney”…St. Patrick’s Day with the “Story People of Clallam County.” My responsibility for the evening was to be an usher…and I was trained by the master – some guy named Richard, who was draped from head to toe in brightly shaded greens. The training was intense. So much to remember – watch your step; no food in the theater; yes, there will be an intermission; the restrooms are that → way. Apparently I did ok. Richard offered to provide me with a glowing recommendation should I need it for any future ushering along my adventure. After the ushering, I was rewarded with a super fun night of music and stories. The performance began with some beautiful bagpipe tunes and followed up by celtic stories from the distant past – told by a very animated and entertaining group of story tellers, who each threw in a little of their own, contemporary variety. The evening was hosted by a brilliant woman named Pat Peterson who has lived in both Port Angeles and Seattle for a number of years and displayed an endearing combination of sweetness, sarcasm, and graceful charisma. What a delight!

IMG_5009 (2)     IMG_5010 (2)

2) Late Saturday morning, I ventured into the rainy, windy day to volunteer at the Saint Patrick’s Day Dash – a 5k and 10k “fun run” along the Waterfront Trail. I was pleased to learn that the start of the race wasn’t until noon, which meant that I could fit in my own short run along the very same trail as well as my usual routine of coffee(s) and computer time before the volunteering began. I met Dan Estes – the Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Sports & Events Coordinator – at the City Pier, along with a number of other very pleasant and good natured folks, all draped in rain jackets and caps…making the best of not so ideal race day conditions. Dan took me close to the 5k turnaround point, where we discussed our love of Amy Poehler and set up the water table before Dan took off to get back to the starting line. I was then set free to walk the ~.5 mile to the spot where I was to stand in the pretty strong winds and do my very best not to have the fuchsia pink laminated 5K TURNAROUND sign fly out of my shivering hands and into the Strait below. (I did drop it once, and it almost got away! Can you imagine? My one responsibility…) Another challenging situation that I somehow managed to get myself through. All worthwhile when I saw the relieved faces and heard the “I’m so glad you’re here’s” from the few dozen or so leprechauns running along the trail.

so. friggin. cold.       …………………………………………thawing out.

IMG_5016 (2)                IMG_5038 (2)

Happy St Patty’s Day, friends! Hope you had a great one.

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3 Responses to Volunteering for St Patty!

  1. Ellen & Seth says:

    Great to hear you’re having a fun time in Port Angeles! We loved it there—spent over a month getting our boat ready at Platypus Marine Boatyard last June. They work on some huge boats there, worth taking a look if you walk along the waterfront 🙂


  2. Ellen & Setch…it’s so fun to know that you spent time here too! Yes, I’ve seen some of those large boats, but now I’ll down there again, knowing that your boat was there. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun wherever you are these days!


  3. Sophie33 says:

    Great for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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