A Working Nomad’s Progress Report


Ok, LONG overdue for a work update, so here we are. As a quick “reminder,” about 1 YEAR AGO (!!), I quit my corporate job and started working freelance. At first, I worked on random tasks and odd jobs exclusively through a site that I described elsewhere (a site that changed its business model and quickly became unusable, but don’t get me started on that one…). For the last year, I’ve been making random connections (all remote) and putting together a smorgasbord of work activities, all of which combine to bring an incredible amount of variety, stimulation, and satisfaction to my days. Every so often, I try to give a snapshot of my current projects. So, here goes.

I should note…I find myself now in a slightly different position than I’ve been in during previous months. I now have a handful of clients with whom I’m working on big projects (as opposed to previous months that were filled with lots of little projects and dozens of different clients). Of course, these current big projects have all seemed to present themselves at the same time, causing me to work these days an average of about 10-12-more hours/day. It’s been pretty exhausting, but I appreciate and adore each project and each client so much that I don’t want to give any of it up. And I know it’s only temporary, so I’m just getting through it for now. I’m still excited to wake up every day and happy when I sit at my computer and do the work, but my body is starting to get tired and my eyes are turning a light shade of red. Kind of interesting to watch myself start to feel overworked in this life that I have created and have no one else to blame…  But that’s a whole other story!  And the 12 hours of sleep both nights this weekend certainly helped a lot…

So, ANYWAY, here is my work update. By the way, the reason I like to note the “initial connection” for each is because I find it fascinating how sometimes the most interesting, rich, and productive opportunities can present themselves as a result of having originally been involved in the most mundane tasks… In fact, this is very often why I chose some of the initial tasks that I did – because for some reason, I saw an opportunity, a person, and/or an organization that sparked my interest and that I knew I’d like to be connected with in some way. And because I had (have) the complete freedom to choose whatever I want to do with my time and how much I want to charge for it (i.e., sometimes very little), I have often won the very opportunities that I had very consciously selected. As a result, I’ve been able to build new paths out of the little seeds of unique and varied opportunities that involved working with great people and interesting topics (and, by the way, to also cut off those paths that didn’t seem to resonate or to offer the positive rewards…another very important part of this formula). These experiences have provided lesson after lesson for me about the value of being open to new opportunities (in whatever form they arise), going with the flow, and trusting that good can come from the most surprising of places.

So, ANYWAY, here are my work updates. I mean it this time:

  • Client: Software company that makes electronic health record systems for behavioral healthcare
  • Current Work: Design, program, and QA online data collection systems for behavioral healthcare practitioners (this is kind of like a “real” job – 30 hours/week)
  • Initial Connection: Worked with one of the company’s clients on developing their individual data collection system (and that connection was made via a friend)
  • Client: Nonprofit Consulting Group
  • Current Work: Project manage, research, and write/edit for two large projects – one focused on the major redevelopment of national park land and the government, for-profit, and non-profit partners involved in the effort, and the other involving helping a large foundation decide how to best maintain and preserve the land and facilities of a conservation garden
  • Initial Connection: I updated the LinkedIn profile of one of the company’s Principals.
  • Client: Nonprofit Art Gallery devoted to new and emerging photographers
  • Current Work: Ongoing gig to search for, identify/select, and write/submit grants for upcoming photography exhibits
  • Initial Connection: Worked with one of the nonprofit’s board members doing research for her Marketing Strategy Consulting Group (connected with her via her husband, who I worked for through the old TaskRabbit, cleaning his newsletter mailing lists and editing his book)
  • Client: Financial strategy company
  • Current Work: Conduct Internet-based market research related to healthcare product trends
  • Initial Connection: Completed an online research/data entry task through the old TaskRabbit for this person’s colleague
  • Client: Individual client
  • Current Work: Coordinate the preparations for selling farm land in the mid-west (and various other needs that come up, like taxes and stuff)
  • Initial Connection: Originally worked with the client via the old TaskRabbit on a project to outline key steps involved in successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign based on a well-known blog post (since then, I’ve worked on a great variety of random projects for him)
  • Client: Individual client
  • Current Work: Research physicians to aid in decision making around the client’s healthcare needs
  • Initial Connection: Originally worked with the client via the old TaskRabbit to identify Fortune 500 company internship opportunities in the mid-west for the client’s relative

And now…back to work!

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10 Responses to A Working Nomad’s Progress Report

  1. Nin S. says:

    It’s nice to be able to work from home, I envy you… Do you need a special IT knowledge for these kind of jobs

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  2. not at all! as long as you know how to use a computer, you can do what i do. where are you these days? your pics are beautiful! do you ever work while traveling?


  3. This/you are inspiring. Before I go to work, everyday and I sit at my desk for 6-8 hours regardless of how fast the words come (if they come at all!) I needed to cut something out of my life to be able to do this. Sleep was not an option. I find my work is suffers from lack of sleep, so I cut my social life out and haven’t really missed it now I see progress in my work. Well, we here at RoughTradeBlog just wanted to say keep up the good work. We’ll be keeping an eye on you…

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  4. Sorry about the grammar mistakes… Seems constant writing can short-wire the brain…


  5. yes, interesting to watch how life can get out of balance, the more you try to add to it. i find myself off kilter at times, for sure. but important to get it back before it gets too out of hand. like today – the sun is shining…gotta get back out into that beauty that calms and provides the grounding for all of this. thanks for your comment! i am digging your work a lot!


  6. Ain't No Shrinking Violet says:

    So glad you’re happy in your work…what a gift. I LOVE your bear sitting on your laptop! I might have thought you’d be more of a stuffed bunny kind of gal, but teddies are always good.

    Liked by 1 person

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