A Year of Stanley – Part 2

collage 5

Part 2 of the series to celebrate Stanley (my travel partner) and all of his mischievous ways. We both hope that his antics will bring you some little smiles!

IMG_3651 (2)

Well, here we go. At some point during the year, there was concern from friends and family about Stanley’s health. In a few pictures, it appeared that his stomach was rather large and that he would need to go on a diet…pronto! However, he was adamant that his stomach is just fine and that what causes him to sit funny is actually his maturely developed rear end (which, he pointed out, is a high-fashion trend these days!). He insisted on displaying himself in a manner that would eliminate the misunderstanding and would allow him to continue gulping down his beloved huckleberry shakesHere we see him resting his case. (Mayne Island, BC)

IMG_6430 (2)Posing again on one of those super awesome, full length pillows that we now both LOVE and have put on our wish lists! (Puget Island, WA)

IMG_6699 (2)

Stanley the Cowboy (Redmond, OR)

IMG_3896 (2)

Once again, attempting to drive (On the Road)

IMG_5455 (2)

Pissing off the kitties (Salem, OR)

IMG_6461 (2)

More tiny fruit (his favorite!) (Puget Island, WA)

IMG_4678 (2)

Getting comfy by stealing all the blankets! (Port Angeles, WA)

IMG_7619 (2)

Dream come true – Stanley visits Stanley and has the time of his life! (Stanley, ID)

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2 Responses to A Year of Stanley – Part 2

  1. Ain't No Shrinking Violet says:

    Hey, the bigger the butt, the better they sit! Stanley is adorable and I love seeing pics and reading stories about him. ❤

    I plan to have many more posts about Pookey in the future. I even took him on my last hike, but then left my camera's memory card stuck in my laptop at home. So I have no evidence yet that he goes hiking, but he does go. 🙂


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