Favorite Spots from the Year #4

17016531599_2847614a23_o    17199969672_711a5b0c03_o

And then there were sights like these. I can’t tell you where… they were nowhere in particular. They helped me respond to some questions from you, but mostly those coming from me. Sometimes the answers were here; and somehow I’d glimpse the reasons. There were even times when I’d understand that there was actually no need to respond.

17219288405_f174bdb54f_o      17192462866_aa744a23f2_oSeconds here gave me much welcomed breaks from the constant hum of this life – the low level stirrings of the usual mix of anxiety, confusion; of questions and doubt. Brief stays in these places gave some sense and relief, however temporary sometimes they’d be. A setting straight, for moments at a time, of the twisting and turning of whatever the meaning I’d chosen to grasp for the day.

IMG_9345 (3)    17201386092_e08985e32a_oThe words to explain aren’t really with me now. I’m sort of hoping that someday they’ll come. But I somehow know that during these times, there arose an inkling of truth…a shadow from which to hold on. On the tip of a toe, in the kernel of corn, around the wings of that bird in the sky.




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