A Year of Stanley – Part 3

collage 6a

Part 3 of the series to celebrate Stanley (my travel partner) and all of his mischievous ways. We both hope that his antics will bring you some little smiles!

IMG_3568 (2)

Stanley’s first time seeing a snail!

IMG_7629 (2)

checking out books from the Stanley library!

IMG_0852 (2)

in one of his very favorite spots – overlooking the Georgia Strait from our place in Courtenay, British Columbia.  it was on this morning, as i was dragging and pulling him away from his beloved window on the sea to head to our next destination, that Stanley asked (for the first time) that we consider parting ways!  😦

IMG_1268 (2)

after some discussion (and a few gentle reminders about the functional limitations associated with being a stuffed animal), i convinced him to hop into his usual spot in the car, and we headed to our next destination… he says he doesn’t regret it, but that Courtenay was a hard place to leave!! i agree. sometimes that little guy amazes me with his brilliance!

IMG_0691 (2)

Stanley playing with his little fruit again!

IMG_2707 (2)

IMG_2446 (2)

Stanley with all his new pals (sent by my mom!)


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3 Responses to A Year of Stanley – Part 3

  1. Ain't No Shrinking Violet says:

    That Stanley is such a handsome charmer…he looks like he gives good hug. 🙂 Particularly like the shot of him sitting by the library, which was obviously named after him.

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  2. Happy annivesary Stanley!

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  3. Stanley is so touched by your sweet words – he sends big “thank you’s” and hugs to you both!!


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