A Year of Stanley – Continued!

Ok, phew. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The last couple of months have included:

  1. taking a bit of a break from my adventure to support a very dear friend going through some rough health issues
  2. traveling to a tiny town with the expectation that I’d settle there for a few months and become involved in some cool projects (details to come)
  3. realizing that the tiny town was just TOO tiny for a stay of more than 1 month, at this point in my life
  4. moving to a larger city within a reasonable distance from the previously mentioned tiny town, to allow me to continue involvement in those projects from a “home base” with greater access to “things”

I’ll have more to say when I get back into the swing of things and start writing again.  But until then…  somebody wanted to say hello.

collage 11

A Year of Stanley – Continued

IMG_0132 (2)

Cheering up his new Canadian friend (in Victoria, BC)

IMG_7502 (2)

Eager to leave for our day trip to STANLEY, Idaho (in Hailey, ID)

IMG_1719 (2)

Partying on New Year’s Eve (in Sechelt, BC)

IMG_3640 (2)

Holding a staring contest with the local kitty (in Mayne Island, BC)

IMG_9644 (2)

Leading the pack (in Boise, ID)

IMG_9114 (2)

I have no idea 

IMG_4843 (2)

Romancing the ladies! (in Puget Island, WA)

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